Un-spoken stories for The Moth Story Slam

You may have heard it on the radio. Real people, real stories. The Moth.

Thirty cities world-wide hold local “Story Slams.” Pittsburgh was one of the first. Every month, if you want to tell a story in front of three hundred strangers, you put your name in a hat. Your story has to be: a) true; b) about yourself; c) five minutes long; d) on a theme announced in advance; e) told without notes.

Members of the audience judge you, but there’s no prize. It’s hilarious, unless you’re the one on stage.

Each month they choose ten people. I’ve put my name in the hat five times, gotten picked once. Now, of course, The Moth is moth-balled, along with everything else. Since I have no plays coming up (same as Shakespeare and Shaw, Mamet, e), I thought I’d post my untold stories for The Moth here. The first one is about how I came to adopt my cat, Montgomery.

All my plays can be downloaded from here.