Relieve your isolation with this spoken word activity: The Coronavirus Plays

I answered a challenge from the 2020 One-Minute Play Festival to write a micro-play about human response to the “crisis.” (We might as well call it a “plague.”) You can access all 620+ plays submitted to that challenge here.

It is a lot of plays! But each is 1-2 pages, typically with two characters. You and a partner can browse, and if something strikes your fancy you can perform it for each other. People used to read poetry to each other; the spoken word is powerful and entertaining. If you’ve ever been in a play you know the experience of engaging with another player as nemesis, lover, frustrated parent, or many other roles. Whether serious or silly, nothing beats a play.

Liberate yourself from your constricted environment from time to time. Share these plays with your housemate or over the telephone. I guarantee it’s better than quizzing each other about obscure words in the dictionary.

Coronavirus Micro-play

The One Minute Play Festival issued a challenge: 24 hours to write a micro-play about the current emergency. My submission is called End Times Priorities.

Have you had an exchange with a person whose response to the Coronavirus pandemic was radically different from your own? And then when you drill deeper (if you dare), you find an even weirder branching of reality from yours? Marc Maron described this as, “In your brain, a new fact binds with a [pre-existing] feeling. Done!”