Passage Theatre Company in Trenton delivers professional productions both socially conscious and locally sourced.

I have been a subscriber to the Passage Theatre Company since 2012. It has changed my life.

At its best, theater transforms – inspires understanding of the rich diversity of the human experience, gives voice to the silent, and dignity to the dispirited. Through the creation and production of theater, we chart a passage to grace – in ourselves, in others, and throughout our community.

First, there are extremely high-quality main-stage productions about topics people [should] care about: love, identity and the internet; the Little Rock 9; crime and forgiveness. There are modern comedies and whodunnits. Coming up next is a very modern take on families by my playwrighting mentor, Ian August.


Second, Passage is all about Trenton:

Community engagement is central to Passage’s mission, and has been a key focus of Passage’s Artistic Director, June Ballinger, since she re-founded Passage in 1997. Click the links below to find out more about Passage’s Education programs for Trenton’s youth, and community devised theatre productions.

For a few years, there were acting and playwrighting classes for adults, which I hope will return.